The beginning

Hi, and welcome to Tuck In Kitchen.

I decided to start this blog because I like to eat, cook and write. I’ve thought about putting something like this up on the internet for awhile, but always tripped myself up because I felt like I needed to decide all the specifics of content and style before I made a move. I thought I needed to know about food styling, be a fabulous recipe developer, and able to only cook midday because that’s when the light is best.

I’m giving up on that approach. I basically just want to talk about food. The food I make and eat. The groceries that blow my mind. The restaurants or single dishes that I could go back to forever and ever. The cookbooks I’m slowly making my way through.

And, I basically just want a way to practice writing. So here we are.

Let’s see how this goes. 20170213_veggies


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